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Mouaz Alem
Untold Secrets of SQL Server: What if?
In this article the author reveals the secrets of SQL Server that Microsoft did not publish, document or even support: It's called what-if statement.
Gregory A. Larsen
Finding the Source of Your SQL Server Database I/O
The article discusses the methods of measuring and identifying I/O related performance information for your SQL Server database instances.
Steve Howard
Eliminating Deadlocks Caused By Foreign Keys with Large Transactions
Validating foreign keys requires additional work for data modification operations and can lead to deadlocks in certain scenarios. There are, however, ways you can work around this contention and eliminate the possibility of the deadlocks.
Deanna Dicken
MERGE Your DML Statements in SQL Server 2008
MERGE is a new statement introduced in the SQL:2003 standard for performing multiple DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements against a target table at once. In this article we’ll look into ways to take advantage of this powerful addition to SQL.
Brian Egler
Replicate down or up-level - your choice
The article discusses the replication with different versions of SQL Server.
Ross Mistry and Shirmattie Seenarine, Contributors
A first look at Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Read the following article for an overview of the benefits, new features and improvements to expect with SQL Server 2008 R2.
Brian Egler
Get rid of those NOLOCK hints
This article discusses the use of various techniques to reduce the negative impact of the data locking issues.
Andrew J. Kelly
Focus on Files and Filegroups
Don’t create too many files in your database in an effort to improve performance
Michael Otey
SQL Server 2008 Express Editions
SQL Server 2008 Express provides developers with high-end database features that enables developers to create powerful databases for Windows and the Web.
SQL Server 2008 Top 10 List for Developers
My boss, Mauricio, has been on me for months asking me to list the top 10 features of SQL Server 2008. I have been stalling. I think every single feature in the product is compelling, and inevitably I am going to leave something out and will hear about it