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Technical Support Center

Live Support

We made it possible for our customers and visitors to get more support by implementing the new Live Support feature into our website.
How can we assist you?

Our online sales representatives will be happy to talk to you in English and answer your questions regarding:

  • Making a correct purchase decision
  • Licensing terms
  • Placing, maintaining and finalizing your order
  • Upgrading and updating procedure

Also we are ready to help you understand how to navigate our site efficiently.

Please note: We do not provide the technical support via Live Chat yet. If you have a technical question regarding the use of our software, please address it to the Technical Support Center via Support Ticket System at: https://secure.sqlmanager.net/member/support

Get it when you need it!

To make your way through our website easier and more effective we made it possible to engage you into Live Chat communication. Not only our Live Chat operators available on-line to answer your questions, they can start the Live Chat communication to guide you through the upgrade or purchase process or simply give you a quick hint.

How to determine if the Live Support operator is online or offline?

You can easily find out if the Live Support operator is online by checking the operator badge that is displayed on most pages of our website.

You can start the live chat if it says 'Chat now'.

You can start the live chat if it says "Chat now".

Leave a message badge

The operator is offline when the badge says "Leave a message". Still, in order to receive sales support you can leave a message with the reply e-mail and you'll get the answer as soon as the Live Support operator is available.

The Live Support operator is online but I can't start the Live Chat.
When you see that the operator is available for chat but you can't engage in communication please check if:
  • You're not using any pop-up blocking software (e.g., pop-up block),
  • You're not using Internet filtering software (e.g., Admuncher, Ad-blocker).
  • You have 'Cookies' and 'JavaScript' enabled in your browser.
How to start the Live Chat?

In order to start the Live Chat please follow these steps:

Click the "Chat now" link when the Live Support operator is online.

Click the 'Chat now'

Then enter your name and email in the pop-up window. The communication starts automatically.

Click the 'Start Chat'
How to chat?

When the chat starts you can see the Live Chat window with the basic set of controls:

  1. Send message button
  2. Typing area
  3. Request chat transcript button
  4. End chat button
  5. Chat area
Chat Dialog Window
Can I still get support if the Live Support operator is offline?

Yes, you can get help by leaving a message for the Live Support operator when you see the "Leave a message" label in the Live Support operator badge.

Push `Leave a message' button

Click the 'Leave a message' label and enter your email and your question. Please, enter your valid e-mail because the answer will be sent to this very address and you don't want to miss it.

Push `Send message' button

Once the operator is online, you'll get the answer via e-mail and will be offered to continue the discussion.

Start Chat now!

You can save your time by starting the Live Chat from this page.

Depending on current Live Support operator status you can chat now or leave a message.

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