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SQL Server Denali: Microsoft Wants Your Feedback on Upgrade Paths and Supported Operating Systems

Dan Jones, Microsoft’s SQL Server Manageability Principal Program Manager, recently posted the proposed list of SQL Server Code Name Denali upgrade paths and operating systems.

IBM to invest $100 million for big-data analysis research
Sensing a greater need in big-data analysis tools, IBM will invest US$100 million to research advanced large-scale analytics, the company announced Friday.
Open source PostgreSQL 9.1 beta released

The PostgreSQL open source database project has released the first beta of version 9.1, which its developers say has more new features than appeared with the 9.0 release, including synchronous replication to help prevent data loss.

Oracle sends out MySQL 5.6 update

Oracle has pushed out MySQL 5.6, a development milestone release of the open-source database management system.

SQL Server 2005 Hits End of Support on April 12
In just three months, customers still running SQL Server 2005 will no longer be able to enjoy Mainstream Support from Microsoft.
IBM DB2, Novell Partner for Linux Software Appliances
Novell is expanding its SUSE Studio Linux appliance technology today with the addition of new templates for IBM's DB2 database.
Amazon adds Oracle 11g database to cloud relational service
Amazon Web Services (AWS) will add the Oracle 11g database to its on-demand web hosting services this year, allowing licence holders and non-licence holders to perform relational tasks and development work on an on-demand hourly basis.
The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Cassandra 0.7
The Apache Software Foundation today announced Apache Cassandra v0.7, the highly-scalable, second generation Open Source distributed database.
Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server Get Updated
Microsoft has released an update designed to fix a number of issues in the most recent release of the company’s drivers designed to allow PHP developers to build applications that can connect seamlessly with SQL Server databases.
Microsoft Details SQL Server Assessment Technology 'Atlanta'
Microsoft revealed some more details about a cloud-based configuration assessment service for SQL Server codenamed Atlanta.