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Microsoft Readies SQL Server 2012 for April 1 Release
The biggest improvement is that it's been infused with a set of new features designed to handle larger workloads -- whether on premises or in the cloud.
MySQL Cluster 7.2 adapted for large web providers by Oracle
Oracle has updated its MySQL Cluster software to make it more appealing to large web service providers, among other users of large-volume distributed databases.
Amazon launches scalable database service for apps
Amazon has launched DynamoDB, a fully-managed, cloud-based database service specifically built to adapt to the scaling issues of web applications and online games as their userbases and needs grow.
Microsoft Announces SQL Azure Q4 Service Release Availability
In addition to announcing a series of changes performed to the Windows Azure website, complemented by the availability of new developer tools, Microsoft also announced the availability of the SQL Azure Q4 Service Release.
MySQL 5.5.18 fixes replication issues
Oracle has released MySQL 5.5.18, the latest of the regular updates to the production version of the open source database.
IBM to unveil NoSQL technology inside DB2
IBM plans to roll out NoSQL technology inside of its flagship DB2 database management system early next year.
Firebird 2.5.1 improves database restore performance

The Firebird Project has announced the arrival of the first point update to version 2.5 of its open source relational database management system.

PostgreSQL 9.1 Released With Many Innovative Features

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the release of PostgreSQL 9.1. This latest version offers new features such as synchronous replication, K-Nearest Neighbor indexing, and foreign data wrappers.

New Hadoop connectors from Microsoft
Microsoft plans to release a community technology preview (CTP) of two new Hadoop connectors, one for SQL Server and one for the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) solution.
SQL Server 2012 Codenamed Denali CTP3 Now Available

SQL Server 2012 codenamed Denali CTP3 is now available for download from Microsoft Beta Experience site.