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EMS Data Import version 3.5 released
Added the possibility to rollback the transaction, if an error occurs, import in Excel 2007 improved, and much more…
EMS Data Comparer version 3.3 released
Added the "Trim CHAR Fields" option, the possibility to compare data using filters, and much more…
SQL Query version 3.3 released
Added the automatic display of the JOIN statement for tables with foreign keys in Query Builder, the correct data sorting, and much more…
EMS Data Pump version 3.1 released
Added the possibility to transfer objects descriptions, support of the latest Server versions, automatic recreation of foreign keys, and much more…
EMS Data Export version 3.4 released
The speed of export to CSV, Text and XML formats is increased, the console version displays the progress of the export, and much more…
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.0 released
New tools added: Change Management, Database Comparer, Instance Manager, HTML Report tool is enhanced, some other new features and improvements…
EMS Data Comparer version 3.2 released
RAM usage is optimized, added the possibility to encrypt passwords in templates, and much more…
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.8 released
Added support of new PostgreSQL 9.0 features, some more improvements and fixes…
Data Comparer version 3.1 released
Added the ‘Disable foreign keys’ and ‘Disable triggers’ options, the possibility to export comparison results of all tables, and much more…
EMS Data Import version 3.4 released
Support of Microsoft Office Access 2007 files and complicated date templates added, and more improvements and fixes…